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Odessa is a big city, it’s population is over 1,5 million people, but the downtown area is quite small. All our apartments are no more than 10-15 walk from the main street – Deribasovskaya Street in the centre. There are some apartments near the sea side, but most of them are available only in summer (during winter time they are in long term rent). The best area to stay in Odessa is the downtown, Deribasovskaya Street and surroundings, you’ll find all infrastructure here (supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, currency exchange, banks, Internet Cafes etc.), the taxi to Arcadia area (seaside) would cost 25-30grivnas (5-6USD) only, double rate at night. Downtown is a more secure area — because it’s lit up, with streets busy with people during day and night, our police supervise Deribasovskaya Street area during 24 hours.