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You might know that apartments for rent in Odessa are very popular because of cheaper prices and better quality of the apartments compared to what Odessa hotels could offer you. You can easily compare prices for Odessa hotel rooms and prices for Odessa rental apartments of the same quality. We can offer you also accommodation in a small apart hotels - couple apartments in one corridor, no reception. We can offer our own Odessa apartments: we manage Apart hotel on 24 Preobrazhenskaya Street, apartments in one area - Apartments on Ekaterininskaya Square and Apartments on Sobornaya Square. We have special promotions - free of charge transfer, free computer rent, free phone rent for those who book more then 5 nights. Also very important thing – it’s possible to cancel the booking for free up to 7 days before arrival. All of our apartments have a level of privacy with which hotels cannot complete. In our apartments guests can cook (no need to go to the restaurant just to have a snack, relax and work without distractions like hotel staff or other guests, noise in the corridor. In our apartments you have minimal chances to meet acquaintance whom you do not expect to see. Odessa apartment offers much more home-style and cozy atmosphere than an overcrowded hotel. Odessa is a big city, it’s population is over 1,5 million people, but the downtown area is quite small, all our apartments are not more than 10-15 walk from the main street. There are some apartments near the sea side, but most of them are available only in summer (during winter time they are on long term rent). The best area to stay in Odessa - downtown, you’ll find all infrastructure here (supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, currency exchange, banks, Internet Cafes etc.), the taxi to Arcadia area (seaside) would cost 30-40 (2-3USD) only, double rate at night. Downtown is a more secure area – because it’s lighted up, with streets busy with people during day and night, police supervise it during 24 hours.